Renowned Speaker and Philanthropist KING YAHWEH continues to spread peace and positivity

KING YAHWEH, the founder and CEO of The Kingdom of YAHWEH, is a motivational speaker and philanthropist. Through his entrepreneurial ventures and speaking engagements, KING YAHWEH spreads the message of peace and harmony among all religions, races, and nationalities.

KING YAHWEH is the founder and CEO of The Kingdom of YAHWEH. All these years, he has developed a name in the fields of self-awareness and spirituality of people. He is also a global peace advocate and a well-known motivational speaker. Considering the need for positivity in the world, KING YAHWEH contributes to people’s self-awareness. Moreover, he strives for the region’s economic expansion while working as a philanthropist.

KING YAHWEH was duly crowned and ordained by YAHWEH as Imperial King and officially enstooled and currently recognized in two regions of Ghana (“Nana”) and Cameroon (“Fon”). The entrepreneurial venture of KING YAHWEH includes but is not limited to THE KINGDOM OF YAHWEH, KING YAHWEH FASHIONS, and KING YAHWEH MEDIA.

Here are some of the significant achievements since 2011:

– Several Love Parades: Supporting philanthropic projects, sponsorship for hospital rehabilitation, school, and orphanages in the USA, Africa, and other countries

-Festivals featuring free concerts, supplying the homeless with food, clothing, and hope; neighborhood cleanup (poverty-stricken areas), services to elderly in convalescent homes

– Angel of Freedom Prison Ministry: Providing anti-recidivism outreach and assistance

– Global Peace Summit: Brought together world religions (Islam, Judaism, Christianity / Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism & Scientology) to discuss the need for unity

– Multinational food drives and sponsorship of outreach in Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, and India

– Improved Women Awareness: Conference to recognize unheard voices of domestic violence

KING YAHWEH happily accepts to appear in public events for speaking engagements, subject to availability. Interested entities can submit their request for review at the official website of KING YAHWEH.


KING YAHWEH, Founder and CEO of The Kingdom of YAHWEH, Global Peace Advocate & Motivational Speaker, promotes self-awareness, philanthropy, spirituality, and economic expansion.

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