Mage Labs is Transforming Gaming with AI and Stablecoin Earning

Mage Labs, a Web3 game developer backed by prominent industry leaders, is pioneering a new era in gaming by creating cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and the ability for players to earn stablecoins while playing its flagship game, Versus Metaverse.

AI-Powered Worlds

At the core of Mage Labs’ innovation is sophisticated use of AI technology. AI-Powered Non-Player Characters (AI-NPCs) learn and evolve in real-time as players progress through the game. AI-NPCs dynamically create quests and dialogue shaped by each player’s interactions and achievements to create a unique and personalized gaming experience with endless possibilities and replayability.

AI is further used to monitor in-game economics in real-time to ensure balance and sustainability by continually shifting item drop rates to maintain a stable in-game marketplace.

Earning Stablecoins

Mage Labs’ innovative economic system, called Opportunity to Earn (O2E), empowers players to earn stable tokens backed by and redeemable for cash. With token price pegged to fiat currency, users can play, earn, and cash out in-game without worrying about game token price volatility.

Players earn tokens by participating in the economy of the game world through selling crafted items, completing jobs, participating in tournaments, and more. Rather than player funds being locked in traditional gaming’s gem-like currencies which never have value again, O2E allows users to remove assets from the game and exchange them for money.

Bringing Web2 Gamers to Web3: The First Game

Mage Labs is committed to making Web3 a benefit rather than a barrier. By leveraging the security and ownership capabilities of blockchain technology in the background, Mage Labs creates a seamless gaming experience. This allows all gamers to enjoy the benefits of Web3 without having to deal with the complexities of the blockchain, thereby ensuring a smooth transition from traditional Web2 gaming to the innovative world of Web3.

Mage Labs’ first game release, Versus Metaverse, blends the best elements of Animal Crossing and Pokémon with strategic real-time PvE and PvP battles. With its mass appeal and ease of use, Versus Metaverse offers a Web3 gaming experience poised to reach a broad Web2 user base. Versus is set to launch on Steam, Epic, iOS, and Android later this year.

Looking to the Future

As Mage Labs continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in gaming, the company remains dedicated to innovation, quality, and player satisfaction. The unique combination of AI-NPCs and stablecoin earning is just the beginning. Mage Labs is continually exploring new technologies and methodologies to enhance its games and provide even more value to players.

Mage Labs is a Web3 game developer founded in 2021 that has received grants from Immutable and the Concordium Foundation and has partnered with web3 leaders including Chainlink. Its flagship game, Versus Metaverse, is set to release later this year across major distributors. 

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