Ultramendous Records announces 50 Best Rappers Ever list to rival Billboard. Label looking to Sign new talent in 2023

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, United States, 26th Feb 2023 – The New Orleans born rapper, Bugzee Lix is causing controversy….Again! Summer 2022 over 8,000,000 people on Television & YouTube saw Bugzee make CBS, FOX5, NBC, and Pix 11 news last summer, when they interviewed him about a shooting involving Lil TJay. Around the same time Bugz dropped a NY Drill Album titled “Manifest Destiny”.  MD has been viral on SPOTIFY ever since. Rumor has it Nas mentioned “MANIFEST DESTINY” on a song titled WTF on his latest King’s Disease III album. Due to the albums indie success The NYC resident, Bugzee Lix has decided to re-launch his original Ultramendous Records label imprint. He is looking to sign new Ultramendous talent by Fall 2023. Ultramendous Records, a former Bremerton-based record label was responsible for releasing his original artists on a now defunct platform called mp3.com.  Albums titled “Oppression Sicc”, “Earth Rotaterz” & “Alpha Omega Lix” which gained fans in the UK and the US. Ultramendous Records will sign new artist in 2023 and release their music on all major platforms including Spotify, TikTok, Apple Music, and film & television. They will also potentially receive collaborations from Bugzee Lix himself! Artists signed to Ultramendous Records will receive Bugzee Lix  branding on social media, nationwide billboards and on bugzeelix.bandcamp.com. The label  will also help artist find paid gigs, blog placements,  podcast interviews, live shows, management and greater worldwide exposure. The first release from Ultramendous is Bugzee’s Lix bullet riddled song  “Battlefield”…listen here: 

 So, If you are a super-talented singer and/or above average Rap artist with clout, you can submit music directly to Bugzee via Instagram: LIXTHESIXTOY But….to be considered he has a few tasks you must complete before you submit your demo. Please dm ULTRAMENDOUSRECORDS on Instagram for the requirements to submit your demo and EPK:

Once you meet the criteria, or make non-refundable payment, submit songs to bugzeelix@gmail.com, or via Instagram. We must stress that ALL submissions without meeting the submission requirements will be deleted without review. Good luck to all artist. Bugzee is a huge fan of hip-hop. “Music is a universal language, and rap is the slang version of all music languages.” says Bugzee candidly.

Bugzee Lix recently read the Top 50 rapper list put out by billboard in February 2023, and though he disagrees strongly with the order of the list, and the omission of indie artist like himself he feels that all the artist mentioned deserve to be on the list. “Besides everyone on the list, I once saw a Ja-Rule performance (at the Gorge in Washington State) that was the best live performance I’ve ever seen”, yet he didn’t make the list. I was shocked”, says Bugzee. “I feel that my best 50 rappers of all time list is more realistic and not based around just clout and sales numbers” he adds. “Sure Platinum selling rappers will always have more clout than others, especially if they were signed to a Major Label, but rap is much bigger than any Major Record Label” he adds. Bugzee admits to leaving Ja-Rule and a few other favorites off of his own list to compact it, but feels that his list represents all of hip-hop, even some underground legends like Brotha Lynch Hung, and Rich Mitchy Slick. Bugzee’s list is based on a few categories besides the obvious collection of songs each artist has put out over the years. His list is based on the artist’s Cult following, Influence, Album Sales, Trendsetting Reach, How many other rappers bit the rappers style or quoted their bars, Style complexity, Originality and the Legacy the artist has. No category is more important than another. His list is as follows:

1. Tupac

2. Biggie

3. E-40

4. Snoop Dogg

5. Nas

6. Ice-T

7. Ice Cube

8. Camron

9. Brotha Lynch Hung

10. Nipsey Hussle

11. Rakim

12. Lil Wayne

13. Eminem

14. DMX

15. 50 Cent

16. Mac Dre

17. Drake

18. Future

19. Kendrick Lamar

20. 2 Chainz

21. Kanye West

22. Big L

23. Jay-Z

24. Kurupt

25. Max B

26. LL Cool J

27. Big Pun

28. X-Raided

29. Lil Kim

30. JT the Bigga Figga aka Figg Panamera

31. Scarface

32. Andre 3000

33. Mitchy Slick

34. Jean Grae

35. Salt-N-Pepa

36. Treach

37. Schoolboy Q

38. Slick Rick

39. Too Short

40. DJ Quik

41. KRS-1

42. Take-Off

43. Sir-Mix-A-Lot

44. Bugzee Lix 

45. Philthy Rich

46. Rich The Factor

47. Marvaless

48. Spice 1

49. Raekwon The Chef

50. Twin G

And there you have it. Bugzee admits that J Cole, Lupe Fiasco, Common, Nicki Minaj, Crooked I and Big Boi are also some of his favorite rappers, but says that this list is pretty close to a perfect list in his view. Live with it. Now back to the label. Ultramendous Records is known for his global reach and business acumen for upcoming artist. As a manager, Bugzee once got an American Artist signed to a touring deal in Japan! As mentioned Ultramendous Records is known for having vintage songs from 2002-2003 that raised an entire 2000s generation, both in UK and the US and Seattle. One artist, Sofian from Manchester, UK created a dedication song called “Bugzee Lix” to Bugzee which garnered 100k viral views on YouTube just from using Bugzee’s name. Tell everyone you know that Ultramendous Records is back and better than ever.  Bugzee recently dropped a vintage gangster rap album titled “Metaverse Rapstars: Meta Music”. Stream his classic songs. Be sure to follow Bugzee on all of his verified social media and follow the Instagram: ULTRAMENDOUSRECORDS (for artist submissions) and  LIXTHESIXTOY on instagram for updates and releases. Get your hands on the new singles “Battlefield” and “Fitbit” immediately.


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