MAGISNAT and natural molecules: their importance from prehistory to the present day

United States, 22nd Feb 2023, King NewsWire – Within MAGISNAT( ), innovative Italian-American spin-off based at Atlanta Tech Park, Peachtree Corners, Atlanta (GA), big and innovative changes are in the air.

In fact, several projects featuring natural molecules are under development.

Before going into detail, it is necessary to understand what is meant by natural molecules and, more generally, natural products.

First, the term “natural products” refers to a large and diverse group of substances from various natural sources, such as plants, bacteria, fungi, insects, arachnids, marine organisms, and higher order animals. The term also includes complex mixtures of these products and isolated components derived from them; moreover, it includes vitamins, minerals and probiotics (which are live microorganisms, bacteria in most cases), all of which are intended to have health benefits.

Natural products thus have a long history of use as tools to improve the individuals’ state of well-being. 

At this point the question arises, “Why does MAGISNAT focus so much on natural molecules?”

The answer goes back a long, long time. 

Since prehistoric times, humans have used natural products—such as plants, animals, microorganisms, and marine organisms—as a means of regaining their body’s well-being. According to the fossil record, human use of plants for this purpose can be traced back at least 60,000 years, even though the inability to understand their healing mechanisms frequently led early communities to imagine that it was more the supernatural interventions of magical and divine beings that brought well-being and not, in fact, these products.

Finally, in 500 B.C. natural molecules began to be seen in the correct light. In fact, it is the Greek civilization that made a notable contribution to the knowledge of medicinal herbs: among the many examples there are Hippocrates, who attributed natural causes to diseases and began to prescribe herbal remedies, or Aristotle, who was very interested in botany and natural sciences.

Even during the Renaissance, the “golden age” for herbalists, which was characterized by the great exploratory voyages to the Indies and the American continent, there was considerable scientific progress in the knowledge and use of medicinal plants. All the way to the process of industrialization, featuring the figure of Achille Bertelli (, when the great European chemical industries were born and synthetic medicines became a commercial product. 

At this point, no further words are necessary to state that these molecules are indeed relevant in achieving the state of well-being of the people.

This is why MAGISNAT, and more specifically its scientific committee, has focused its attention on this topic and placed natural molecules among the priorities of its scientific research.

On this, Dr. Matteo Bertelli is very clear: “Natural molecules are what will give a positive turn to the medical and scientific field.” After all, his fascination and interest in the figure of Achille Bertelli is so strong that it could not be otherwise, but that is another story that we will tell you in future editions.

This is why the GARLIVE line of supplements was developed: GARLIVE Recovery ( and GARLIVE Oral Spray (, both available on Amazon ( ).

The strength of these products lies in their concentrated formula, that is, these dietary supplements contain more polyphenols than two cups of extra virgin olive oil. Moreover, GARLIVE Recovery also contains high dosages of vitamins—including, for example, vitamins from the B, C, and D groups (one tablet contains more vitamins than 14 ounces of fruit).  

A practical and innovative solution, bringing well-being to people’s bodies and preventing the onset of certain diseases.

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