Local Teen Starting His Own Basketball Club

Super Meteors Basketball, an AAU Basketball club headed by 15 year old owner Leo Liu, have begun the preparations for their upcoming third season. With their third season, the Meteors hope to continue their journey in offering an affordable basketball experience to youth in their area.

United States, 26th Jan 2023 – Super Meteors Basketball, an AAU Basketball club headed by 15 year old owner Leo Liu, have begun the preparations for their upcoming third season. Expected to last from the Spring until the Summer, this season serves as a testament to the staying power of the Meteors, having first formed in March 2022. Leo Liu, Chainman and owner of the Meteors, has made it clear that his intention is for the Meteors to stay around in a long term way. 

The Meteors, focused on being able to give a chance to play basketball to whoever wants to play it, will be giving out Financial aid once again as a part of this season. In previous seasons, it is estimated that the Meteors gave a total of some $3000 in total financial aid, and by continuing to put their money where their mouth is, they demonstrate that it’s not just Basketball that’s important for them, but giving kids a chance to do something they love

The founder of the Meteors, Leo Liu, is a figure that almost inspires the imagination with his incredible accomplishments at such a young age, After Founding the Meteors last year while he was 14, Liu has continued to make a difference in just about every way he’s able to: Last Summer, he self-published a book in which he gives his insights into the different divisions running through our society, and the different ways that they can be addressed and treated. Liu is also a passionate advocate for education, starting his own multimedia project titled “Educate the Globe” which aspires to to create an understanding between both teachers and students in an age where they seem less understanding of each other than ever.

This passion for education reveals itself plainly in the Meteors and their mission: On their website, the Meteors extol the virtues of not just learning more about Basketball, but growing more as individual as well. The ways the Meteors see it, learning a sport isn’t just learning a set of new skills, it’s also about learning what those skills mean. Recognizing that their players are going to move on to be working adults in just a few years, the Meteors make it a priority to try to instill in their players some lessons that they will be able to carry with them in the years to come. 

At the end of the day, the Meteors hope that their players will get a lot more out of the team than just basketball. The Meteors staff make an effort to convey that when you make an assist to a player and let them score, that experience is a lot deeper than just basketball. To succeed, everyone has to work together and try to pull out a victory for the team, whether than means winning the game or not. 

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