Korean Game Company, Sotem Mobile’s launch of “Lord of Dragons” for entering P2E market

Korean Game Company, Sotem Mobile’s launch of “Lord of Dragons” for entering P2E market.

Lord of Dragons is a Blockchain based Play to Earn (P2E) game with LOD (Lord of Dragons token) as an in-game economy asset. Until now, game developers have been a sole beneficiary of the profit generated from the gaming product, but we aim to share those profits with our players.

Play, earn and govern

Several elements of play to earn will be found in Lord of Dragons. First of all, the use of NFTs will be implemented, but additionally the game also has its own in-game token as well as a governance token for decisions on the direction of the project.

In game NFTs

Lord of Dragons NFTs will be one of the central elements of the game, and will offer several advantages:

  • Additional In-game Stats
  • Unlocking specialized and dedicated content

They will cover the different assets that can be found in the RPG: items, weapons, skins, consumables, lotteries, and much more! Above all, these NFTs can be obtained simply by playing the game. Having a defined supply at launch, they will also make it possible to obtain several benefits over time by remaining an active player!

The $LORT token

The game is free to play, downloadable, and can be finished for free. But unlike classic free-to-play, Lord of Dragons will reward players with Lord of Dragons Reward Tokens ($LORT).

In addition to serving as an economic basis for the game, the $LORT covers other aspects of the project: 

  • In-game monetary assets
  • Profit through DEX trading
  • Used for weapon revamps
  • Acquired through dungeons and completing quests
  • Invoke competition between users
  • Lock up for 7 days upon withdrawal request

It will be possible to complete 10 daily quests in order to earn these prizes as a reward for the efforts spent playing. These quests will have varying difficulties and it will be necessary to complete them to evolve his character and evolve in the game. 

$LOGT, the game token

LOGT is a governance token with limited quantity of issuance. These tokens will be issued to top ranking players who possess NFTs. It is meticulously designed for players to receive in-game monetary assets via in-game staking or trading on exchange.

Rewards will be issued based on rankings information from PvP and Siege Battle, which is being updated on weekly basis. Amount of rewards will differ by each rankings whereas top ranking players will be able to stake LOGT and receive PvP points as interests.

Developing a game is almost finished. Players would be able to have their first hands-on at the game as early as January 2023 as Sotem Mobile’s works towards LOD’s global launch.

<Discord> https://discord.gg/lordofdragons

<Twitter> twitter.com/global_LOD  

<Homepage> https://lordofdragons.io

<Git-book> https://docs.lordofdragons.io/

<Medium> https://medium.com/@Global_LoD

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